Penetration Testing Service

Penetration Testing is the process of testing your organization’s Network, Application, and Cloud security by providing a thorough vulnerability assessment of your network, which can include both internal and external IT & OT assets. Then by pivoting from the high and critical vulnerability findings, we attempt to exploit or “hack” into secure areas of your network.

Testing scopes are “goal-oriented” and custom tailored to your environment to achieve the desired outcome. Additionally, testing can be performed as a single “point in time” scope, or recurring on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Our methodology mimics that of a real bad actor in tactic and technique to achieve the most accurate assessment of your current security posture. We can perform a comprehensive assessment or just specific components of both your on-premise and cloud estates.

eSureITy’s reporting is one of our best assets! We provide both an Executive Summary and Technical Remediation Report to address both audiences. The Executive Summary Report contains High and Critical Findings presented in a graphical format with a composite Risk Score to share with Management and third parties. The Technical Report contains all findings ranked by severity and includes IP/device, remediation instructions, and sources for remediation. As you perform remediation, we are there to answer any questions you might have post-assessment.

Why is Penetration Testing important?

For your organization’s security and your clients’ peace of mind, penetration testing is a business-critical function. Your clients expect their information and data to be protected and secure when doing business with you. It is also a compliance expectation that all of your business processes and data are protected against ever emerging cyber threats. eSureITy’s penetration testing services are so important because they keep your company and your clients protected against cybercriminals.

New security threats are constantly emerging, and as attackers become savvier, the importance of keeping your network secure and ahead of the cybercriminal curve is paramount! Contact Us for a free evaluation about which service or services are the best fit for your organization.