Penetration Testing Connecticut

eSureITy Penetration Testing in Connecticut will assess your internal and external IT & OT assets using vulnerability assessment techniques such as system scanning, source code review and source code auditing. In addition to providing a penetration test, eSureITy will also provide an executive summary report that is used by management to validate the overall results of the testing and by IT organizations for verification of current security controls.

At eSureITy, we offer a variety of security testings, including penetration testing in Connecticut. This type of security testing helps identify problematic areas in your network by testing your infrastructure and identifying where system vulnerabilities may exist, with the end goal of preventing a cyber-attack on your data. In order to ensure the success of our penetration testing in Connecticut, our cybersecurity team works hard to develop comprehensive security plans while also determining how to best protect your organization.

eSureITy's Penetration Testing for Connecticut residents consist of two services; an Executive Summary in the form of an easy to understand graph and a Technical Remediation Report. The Executive Summary provides an overview of the findings in order to reduce risk, identify vulnerabilities, and address any issues quickly. The Technical Remediation Report is designed for IT professionals and provides details on every finding collected throughout the assessment. eSureITy will provide clients with step-by-step information on how to remediate each issue found during the penetration test.

Why is Penetration Testing important?

eSureITy is a Connecticut-based security firm that will perform penetration testing for your company. Penetration testing may seem like a bit of a misnomer, but in reality, it means exactly what you think: we intend to break into your system and find the vulnerabilities that could lead to a breach of data. eSureITy will work directly with your company to test the security of its systems. We employ the latest in software and hardware technologies in order to ensure that your system's security is up to date and competent.

eSureITy is a cybersecurity consulting firm that assists businesses with assessing and maintaining the security posture of corporate assets and networks. With decades of experience, our team of security assessors and risk managers with evaluate your current cybersecurity posture, provide a remediation road map and can assist with hardening network assets and data sources. We conduct both IT & OT Vulnerability/Risk Assessments and Penetration Testing to make sure your Networks, Data and Applications are secure no matter where they reside, in the Data Center or the Cloud. Additionally, our Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) and Virtual ISO (VISO) offerings work together to ensure your network stays protected 24x7x365.