Penetration Testing New Hampshire

eSureITy's penetration testing in New Hampshire is performed by a team of highly experienced and skilled security professionals who are able to rapidly assess your IT infrastructure and provide a detailed report with both proof-of-concept attacks and countermeasures. We use the most current industry best practices and software tools, providing you with clear insight into our process and the system we are testing. Our process provides true validation of your systems' security posture -- in other words, if something is found to be vulnerable, we will ensure it is properly fixed before a vulnerability escapes into the wild.

Penetration Testing in New Hampshire is used to test the efficiency with which a network perimeter can be penetrated. At times, companies may choose to conduct testing on a small scale as part of a larger internal audit, including tasks such as password auditing, file integrity analysis, and security policy audits. Penetration Tests review the weakest parts of their network defense schematics with an experienced independent consulting firm who has years of pen-testing experience.

Penetration Testing in New Hampshire attempts to aid the firm in lighting danger so that company management may make knowledgeable selections about minimizing or accepting associated risks. By becoming fully aware of the vulnerabilities in your environment, you can prioritize the areas in which you should invest budget cash and resources to obtain the most successful business outcomes. We can manage your whole threat and vulnerability management program from start to finish.

Why is Penetration Testing important?

Penetration testing in New Hampshire helps to make sure that their computer infrastructure is safe from cyber-attacks. When security managers and IT admins understand how a hostile entity may have launched an assault against their applications, operating systems, and other software, they become more committed to increasing their knowledge of secure systems. A well-executed test will help security professionals identify holes in their network and learn about the best ways to patch them up before an intrusion occurs. It is critical for organizations to invest in penetration testing for ongoing security because today's secure system is not likely to be the same as one a few weeks from now. This is especially true for compiling or maintaining software and web-based businesses or programs.

eSureITy is a cybersecurity consulting firm that assists businesses with assessing and maintaining the security posture of corporate assets and networks. With decades of experience, our team of security assessors and risk managers with evaluate your current cybersecurity posture, provide a remediation road map and can assist with hardening network assets and data sources. We conduct both IT & OT Vulnerability/Risk Assessments and Penetration Testing to make sure your Networks, Data and Applications are secure no matter where they reside, in the Data Center or the Cloud. Additionally, our Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) and Virtual ISO (VISO) offerings work together to ensure your network stays protected 24x7x365.